What’s new with ApexSQL Developer tools in 2015

It is an exciting time to be an existing ApexSQL Developer user as we have released a lot of new features and have some exciting plans

SQL Formatting

In 2014 we added full support for SQL Azure. And in June we released a lot of new features including

  • 3 new out-of-the-box formatting profiles including Microsoft SQL Books Online
  • Camel case formatting
  • Better parenthesis formatting and much more


Schema comparison

Earlier this year we added, the following features

  • Full 64 bit support
  • Source control support for Git, Mercurial, and Perforce
  • And quite a few new comparison options like "Ignore data compression"


Data comparison

In April we released a major new version of the tool including quite a few new comparison options and new reports/exports in HTML and XML respectively


  • Product page
  • Release notes
  • Roadmap of upcoming features including support for comparing data in script folders and source control projects, and custom schema mapping

Database documentation

Late last year we released significantly improved support for SSIS including control and data flow diagrams. And as a follow up in March we introduced significantly improved performance and a One-click documentation feature from SSMS



We’ve already released 5 new versions of ApexSQL Complete this year focusing primarily on performance, usability, and improved quality, including 100 bug fixes. We did also manage to add 200+ code snippets as well.


Test data generation

Did you know we had a new tool for SQL Server test data generation? It was originally released in March of this year and we’ve posted several big updates subsequent to that, but the best is yet to come, as you can see from our product roadmap (see below)


SQL source control

We have a great new tool for SQL source control that works seamlessly (not just via shelling to command line) with all of your favorite drivers e.g. Git, Mercurial, Perforce, TFS, Subversion

Since Dec 31st of 2014 we’ve released 22 new features and fixed 150 bugs!


SQL Server unit testing

We have announced a new product that should be out this year, for SQL Server unit testing. You can see the announcement here


For an overview of everything that is New, see What’s new

For a summary of our company roadmap, see What’s next

July 20, 2015