What’s next in ApexSQL DBA: ApexSQL Discover – SQL Server instance search and inventory

We are proud to announce yet another application from ApexSQL DBA family, ApexSQL Discover. ApexSQL Discover is a SQL Server discovery and basic health monitoring tool. The application scans all available SQL Server instances based on the pre-set criteria and keeps track of basic health parameters and statistics for all registered SQL instances. The application will be offered free of charge.

Primary features of the application will include:

SQL Server discovery

ApexSQL Discover detects and keeps track of SQL Server instances located in a specific domain or IP range. The information on all discovered servers is displayed in the Home tab of the application. The columns in the main grid will contain the following details:


Name of the SQL Server instance


Type of the SQL Service


Name of the computer where SQL Server instance is located

IP and Port

IP adress of an instance and its access port


Version number of the instance

Need update

Indicates if there is an update available for the current version listed in prevous column


Fully qualified domain name

Search state

Find method

Displays the method that was used to discover the instance

To allow easier search, each column will have various filters available. The grid will contain information on the server instances that were added through the Scan wizard. The wizard is initiated by clicking on Scan button. First tab of the wizard is used to define IP and port scan range for the search.

Domain tab toggles the domain search. Domain name, as well as user credentials for accessing servers in the domain can be speciffied.

The Methods tab allows the method selection for the search.

To automate the search process, the scan schedule can be configured in the Schedule tab. This form allows detailed scheduling by exact time, day, week, or month. Both one-time and reocurring schedules are supported.

Clicking on Scan button starts the search. Discovered servers are presented in scan results grid. To add discovered servers on the list in the Home tab, it is necessary to register these servers first by checking them in the grid, and provide login credentials for each server.

The options to log in automatically are also available on the form:

  • It is possible to use the Windows credentials of the current user that is running the application.
  • If descovered server have already been registered in the past, the application will attempt to use SQL Server credentials that were used earlier.
  • If both automatic attempts fail, the credentials can be provided manually through standard ApexSQL connection form

Information on all registered servers will be available in the Home tab.

Schedules tab keeps track of all scheduled scan jobs. New scan jobs can be added through the ribbon, while those that are already listed can be run, edited, deleted, enabled and disabled.

Statistics tab keeps track on basic information for CPU utilization, RAM memory and disk space usage. Configuration tab contains all necessary application options, while Resources tab contains standardized forms for registration, application version , as well as link to company’s resources.

Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming release

To keep informed of new features and upcoming product releases, please see What’s next.

May 3, 2018