4K resolution and high-DPI scaling support in ApexSQL tools/add-ins

Don’t you hate blurry applications running on your 4K monitor? We do and that’s why ApexSQL kicked off the 4K ultra high-resolution movement in almost all its applications.

A higher resolution has always been one of the pros for a monitor. The 4K resolution AKA “UHD” (Ultra High Definition) offers 3840 horizontal pixels and 2160 vertical pixels:

Windows 10 display settings on a 15.6-inch 4K display

The horizontal number is close to 4000 and that’s why is commonly known as 4K. A large number of pixels can provide an impressive pixel density. To put things in context, we get an impressive crisp image to look at. Here are a few examples of the ApexSQL tools running on a 4K screen:

ApexSQL Plan

ApexSQL Defrag

ApexSQL Analyze

We do not only support 4K resolution and high-DPI for stand-alone tools but also SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and Visual Studio add-ins. Again, here are a few examples of how it looks inside the host application:

ApexSQL Complete

Host application: Visual Studio 2017

Host application: SSMS 17

ApexSQL Refactor

Host application: SSMS 17

If you’re wondering how is SSMS set to the favorable dark theme that has been available in VS for ages now, check out the Setting up the dark theme in SQL Server management studio article on how to do it.

Unlike VS, SSMS does not handle 4K and high-DPI very well. It has scaling issues for high-DPI devices on which elements appear to be fuzzy. But there’s a solution to fix this, at least for SSMS 2016 and the latest generation of SSMS. You’ll just need to enable the beta high-resolution monitor support following this article: How to enable High-DPI in SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) – Tips, tricks and issues

Check out the before and after transition below:

For more information regarding 4K and high-DPI in general, please read another write-up: 4K resolution and high DPI: What you need to know about it to have great visuals

Note: High-resolution support, described in this article, won’t be fully reflected until the release of the tools/add-ins with the enhancement called “High DPI and 4K resolution support”. For the full list of applications, please refer to the What’s next page.


May 8, 2018