New and improved visual experiences in 2018 versions of ApexSQL tools

Starting with 2018 releases, we implemented various visual effects in ApexSQL tools – new visual themes with host aware theming for our add ins, new colors and icons matching the style of Visual Studio Shell and 4K resolution and high-DPI scaling support.

New themes

New UI themes are now supported in all 2018 versions of ApexSQL tools. The themes include ‘light’, ‘blue’ and ‘dark’ variants that let you modify the complete appearance of ApexSQL tools to make them suitable for different work environments and personal preferences.




All visual theming is now host aware, which allows for seamless integration of ApexSQL add-ins into both Visual Studio and SSMS

Visual Studio

SQL Server Management Studio

Tip: Learn how to set up the dark theme in SSMS here

New colors and iconography

All 2018 version of ApexSQL tools are updated with new icons, colors and other visual concepts, consistent with Visual Studio Shell. All icons are updated using colors and styling according to the Microsoft UX guidelines.

We took many of the images from the Visual Studio Image Library and redesigned them creating our own custom icons that are more intuitive, simple and are easily recognized symbols.

High DPI and 4K resolution support

With increased usage of High DPI and 4k monitors, we’re happy that all ApexSQL tools now support high DPI and 4K resolution for both stand-alone tools and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and Visual Studio add-ins.

New user interface features and functionality

The GUI updates in 2018 versions also introduced new user interface features functionalities for grids, filters, menus and more.


Table of contents:

  1. Visual themes in ApexSQL tools
  2. Host aware theming in ApexSQL add-ins
  3. Visual Language Dictionary for Visual Studio for iconography, colors and other visual concepts applied in ApexSQL tools/add-ins
  4. 4K resolution and high-DPI scaling support in ApexSQL tools/add-ins
  5. New user interface features and functionality in ApexSQL 2018 versions


June 18, 2018