ApexSQL Doc and SSISDB catalog packages

ApexSQL Doc is a tool that is used for database development, like documenting various databases, SSIS packages and SSAS cubes. Nevertheless, ApexSQL Doc doesn’t support documenting packages from SSISDB catalog.

We are planning to implement it in an upcoming release though.

Please see our roadmap for more details.

The workaround for this is to save a package in the file system, and document it using ApexSQL Doc.
The following are the steps to save the SSIS package from SSISDB to the file system:

  1. From the New Project window in Visual Studio, select the Integration Services Import Project Wizard, and specify the location for the project as the packages will be stored on that location:

  2. Switch to the Integration Services catalog option, and browse to the SQL Server instance where the SSISDB catalog is hosted and to the SSISDB project you want to import:

  3. Review and confirm the steps and click the Import button, to initiate the importing process:

  4. When the import is finished, click the Close button to close the wizard:

The SSIS packages from the SSISDB catalog will be saved on the specified location, along with the solution file and can be documented with ApexSQL Doc.

If you have features requests, issues, or problems with ApexSQL Doc please send them early and often to support@apexsql.com

February 10, 2015