Bravo team update: ApexSQL Doc

What have you been working on?

We have released ApexSQL Doc 2016 R3 version

We are currently working on ApexSQL Doc 2016 R4 maintenance version

What is the ETA to production?

ApexSQL Doc 2016 R3 is released. See the latest release notes here

ApexSQL Doc 2016 R4 will be released to production by September 15th

What is included in new release?

In ApexSQL Doc 2016 R3 we introduced a number of new features:

  1. SSRS report documentation – users are now able to document SSRS reports, shared data sources and shared datasets from file system, native & SharePoint mode

  2. SQL Server Management Studio 2016 integration – ApexSQL Doc can now be integrated in SSMS 2016

  3. Document SSIS packages from SSISDB catalog – users can now document SSIS packages using the SSISDB catalog from the database engine

  4. Document SSIS packages from project files (.dtproj) – documentation can be created using SSIS project files (.dtproj)

  5. Documentation of additional SSIS package details:

    • Project parameters
    • Log entry information
    • Extended properties
    • Configuration settings

  6. SSIS source and destination mapping – mapping between input and output columns

  7. Dependencies between SSIS packages and referenced database objects

  8. Support for SSIS 2016 – Documentation of SSIS 2016 packages is now fully supported

SSRS report documentation can also be easily scheduled through the CLI for unattended execution. For more information about setting up and automating the process which will generate SSRS report documentation, please see the video presentation or read this article

We also fixed 30 bugs for this release

What is planned in future releases and what are ETAs?

ApexSQL Doc 2016 R4 – ETA is by September 15th:

  • Export CLI help as HTML
  • Warning handling switch
  • New return error codes
  • Save project as batch file
  • Usability improvements
  • Improved quality

For the complete list of features coming in the future releases of ApexSQL Doc, please visit Roadmap page here

See the What’s next page here for details on all future releases

August 23, 2016