ApexSQL Top Gun Contest

Each month, ApexSQL awards the community member with the most number of VIP points through the ApexSQL Top Gun contest. VIP points can be accumulated through forum posts, bug reports, and other types of feedback

Top Gun Prizes include:

1 Gear item and additional 50 VIP points

Other special prizes which will be given randomly to multiple Top Gun Winners

Now there’s more reason to get posting early and often!

Leader board tracking
Track the ApexSQL Top Gun leader board via the “Top VIPs” report. You can access this via VIP / Forum Stats

Past ApexSQL Top Guns
Here are our past Top Guns:

  • Yelnoc4 for Sep, 2009 with 178 VIP points
  • rrjegan17 for Aug, 2009 with 100 VIP points

More Information
Click here for more information about the ApexSQL Top Gun contest. Visit the ApexSQL’s VIP Program page for more information on how to get VIP points

About ApexSQL
ApexSQL is a leading provider of SQL Server tools for database recovery, database auditing, database comparison, documentation as well as SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio add-ins for SQL code refactoring, code completion and database source control. We strive to ensure that every one of our tools is standard-defining product in its class, from feature set, to performance, interface and quality

November 4, 2009