Document Control flow and Data flow diagrams, Page numbers for doc/docx/pdf, graphical dependency object qualifying

In addition to some big performance and graphical dependency improvements, ApexSQL Doc offers SSIS package documenting – Control flow/Data flow diagrams documenting, with the ability to display disabled tasks. In addition to all this, output documents (doc, docx, and pdf) incorporate page numbers for more convenient navigation.

Control flow and Data flow diagrams

With ApexSQL Doc, SSIS Control flow and Data flow tasks are presented graphically. Diagrams created during development and saved within a package, will be conveyed in the output document. The image below shows a sample graph of SSIS tasks during development:

Using ApexSQL Doc, SSIS diagrams will be documented the same way they are stored inside the package:

Output document page numbering

Beside the previously mentioned features, page numbering is added in doc, docx and pdf output documents. The “Page xx” style numbering will be hardcoded and left-aligned on each page by default:

Graphical dependency object qualifying

By default, when graphical dependencies are included, each object in the dependencies diagram is qualified by server name, database name, schema name, and object name:

In the case of databases containing large number of objects, diagrams with fully qualified object names will become too “noisy” with all of this redundant text.

ApexSQL Doc addresses this with an option to choose between using a fully qualified object name or to qualify objects with schema name and object name only.

To increase the quality of the documentation, the Use short names option can be left unchecked:

Use short names option can be left unchecked

January 8, 2015