What’s new in ApexSQL Doc 2019

We are excited to announce that ApexSQL Doc 2019 has just been published. In the latest version of the SQL database documentation tool, we have added a new feature that will enhance our users’ experience:

  • Support for Markdown output format

Let’s start with the introduction of the support for Markdown output format.

In the File format tab under Output options, select the Markdown (.md) as the output file format for documenting:

Choosing markdown output type format in the SQL database documentation tool

By clicking the Generate button, the SQL database documentation tool will document the chosen engine in the markdown output format.

Because markdown does not support an interactive table of contents, we’ve simplified the table of contents:

Table of contents

Another thing that’s new is a simple yet very useful navigation path which makes going through the documentation easier:

The navigation bar for a simple search

The documentation is very similar to the documentation generated in Linked HTML output type. The objects that were chosen to be documented:

SQl database documentation of objects in markdown output type

Documentation also includes the Data models as well as viewing the dependencies graphically:

Graphical dependencies documented in SQL database documentation

SQL code blocks of the objects that have them are also documented:

SQL code block documented in SQL Database documentation

If we are talking about SSIS packages, among objects that are being documented, data flow diagrams and control flow diagrams can be easily found:

Data flow diagram documented in SQL Database documentation

Control flow diagram documented in SQL Database documentation

  • Note: For the best experience, it is recommended to download the Chrome extension for viewing markdown; We recommend Markdown Viewer.


December 20, 2019