Free SQL modeling tool – ApexSQL Model is now free

ApexSQL Model has been converted to freeware with version 2018 R2

ApexSQL Model is now a free tool. It no longer has editions e.g. Community, Professional.

Free features include

  • Creating, reverse engineering editing models
  • Printing
  • Exporting
  • Creating a DDL script (2019 version)

Existing customers

If you purchased a license of ApexSQL Model, we can credit you with free license(s) to other tools. Contact us for more info


To exploit the full potential of ApexSQL Model, you will need the professional version of ApexSQL Diff, and potentially some other tools (see below).

ApexSQL Diff is used for forward engineering to a new or existing database. But in ApexSQL Model 2019, we’ll eliminate the requirement for ApexSQL Diff, to create a DDL script of model objects, although it will still be required to forward engineer to an existing database. See the article ApexSQL Model and ApexSQL Diff; better together for more information

Other ApexSQL Developer tools will be integrated with ApexSQL Model, over time, to offer extended functionality, that can be executed directly from ApexSQL Model, and will require professional editions of the respective tool

  • ApexSQL Doc – document models
  • ApexSQL Enforce – review a model against a set of best practices
  • ApexSQL Script – to create scripts, databases, build packages from models, or update individual tables in source control
  • ApexSQL Build – to forward engineer new databases from a model
  • ApexSQL Trigger – to add auditing triggers to a database created from the model


December 27, 2018