ApexSQL Model and ApexSQL Diff; better together

ApexSQL Diff is needed to use all of the features of ApexSQL Model

ApexSQL Model is a tool used to create database model diagrams and synchronize changes with existing databases, as well as to export and print model diagrams and perform executable custom tasks.

To use specific features in the tool, a license of ApexSQL Diff is needed. Specifically, ApexSQL Diff is required for using the Forward engineering feature, to generate a database creation script or a synchronization script in ApexSQL Model. Additionally, ApexSQL Diff is required for executing custom tasks created in ApexSQL Model to compare two models or a model with a database.

That is why we are offering a free license

Consequently, we will provide a free license of ApexSQL Diff Professional edition to ApexSQL Model customers with the same subscription period.

This applies to customers with Professional edition only, as this edition has the mentioned features that can be performed along with ApexSQL Diff Professional edition.

Here is how you can obtain the free license

Online purchases

Upon purchasing ApexSQL Model online, an ApexSQL Model activation key will be emailed to you immediately. Within the next 24 hours, a sales representative will follow up with an ApexSQL Diff activation key. In case the follow up email with the ApexSQL Diff activation key wasn’t delivered, please contact us at customers@apexsql.com.

Custom orders

If ApexSQL Model is purchased via phone or a purchase order, an ApexSQL Diff activation key will be emailed together with the purchased ApexSQL Model key and other licensing details. If we missed to include the free ApexSQL Diff key in the fulfilment email, please request it directly from your designated sales representative or contact us at customers@apexsql.com.

ApexSQL Diff license renewal

Renewal of a free ApexSQL Diff license can be done at any time. Email customers@apexsql.com to check on renewal anniversary and get renewal prices or visit our Renewals and upgrades page for more details.

For any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.


June 8, 2018