ApexSQL Model and ApexSQL Diff; better together

ApexSQL Model is a free tool used to create database model diagrams and synchronize changes with existing databases, as well as to export and print model diagrams and perform executable custom tasks.

ApexSQL Diff

To use some specific features in the tool, a license of ApexSQL Diff Professional edition is needed.

ApexSQL Diff Professional edition is required for:

  • Forward engineering to a new database
  • Forward engineering to an existing database
  • Visually comparing two models or a model with a database


In the 2018 R3 version of ApexSQL Model, we plan to introduce native forward engineering to a new database, so ApexSQL Diff will no longer be required. Also, we plan to add support for using ApexSQL Script, to forward engineer to a new database, so ApexSQL Script could be used in lieu of ApexSQL Diff.

Other tools

  • To document a database model requires ApexSQL Doc Professional Edition
  • To perform best practices, review of a database model requires ApexSQL Enforce Professional Edition (support for this feature TBA)
  • Support for other tools may be added in the future

Here is how you can get a license of ApexSQL Diff

If you’re interested in purchasing ApexSQL Diff license, please contact us at sales@apexsql.com to help you with ordering or you can make an online purchase directly from the website. For any questions about licensing or pricing, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you own a license of ApexSQL Developer, all licenses are the Professional edition, and simply need to be activated to integrate this functionality into ApexSQL Model.


June 8, 2018