Mercurial has arrived

ApexSQL is proud to announce that we have implemented support for Mercurial in ApexSQL Source Control.

Mercurial is implemented through the usage of Mercurial.Net library and it requires the installation of Mercurial locally in order to work. We support HTTP, HTTPS and SSH protocols, as well as local file system repositories.

With ApexSQL Source Control, you can now connect to a Mercurial repository using the dedicated database development model and immediately place your database under source control by using all the advantages of the model, directly from SSMS.

Mercurial repository

As Mercurial is a distributed source control system, you can even work offline with your local repository and commit your changes to the remote latter, once the connection is established.

Working Offline

Read more about ApexSQL Source Control here.

Watch out for our new releases of ApexSQL Diff, ApexSQL Build and ApexSQL Script with support for Mercurial and stay tuned as we are currently working on implementation for Perforce support in all of our tools that work with source control.

December 5, 2014