PASS Summit 2014– ApexSQL in the house

ApexSQL will be bringing a large, cross functional crew to SQL PASS. Here is a breakdown of this cast of characters. If you see them, say “Hello” or “Zdravo”, they’d love to talk with you!

Adi – aka “The Eliminator”, team lead for ApexSQL Monitor. He can talk about new features, plans, and is interested in suggestions and feedback. Likes bears

Ogi – team member for ApexSQL Source Control. He can demo the new version, answer questions, and get feedback. Note: He will be sheared prior to the show

Kiki – she is head of our customer relations team. She’ll be able to talk to you about prices, bundles etc. as she quietly scans you

Ven – he can demo any ApexSQL product, at any time, at any place. Look for the guy who looks like an offensive lineman for the Seattle Seahawks

Mim (@SQL_MiM) is our community evangelist. She can talk about products, SQL industry, and different SQL server topics. She will be mingling with the crowd. If you don’t see her, listen, her accent will be unmistakable

John (@MSsqlJohn) is our head of sales. He will be working demos, talking products, bundles and arranging demos around the clock. He’s looking to beat his record of 36 straight hours of demos without sleep, food, or coming up with any funny jokes 😉

Brian (@FightingCEO) – our Fighting CEO will be in the house but his itinerary, schedule, and general whereabouts remain unknown. He has been known to give away lots of free stuff, so the sales staff has banned him from the booth 😉

October 29, 2014