SSMS 17 support for ApexSQL add-ins

ApexSQL is happy to announce Day 1 support for SSMS 17 for all of our add-ins.

Stand-alone tools that offer integration as add-ins should fully support SSMS 17 in May.

The below table shows implemented and planned integrations of ApexSQL tools/add-ins for SQL Server Management Studio 17:


ApexSQL Developer Supported version
ApexSQL Complete 2017 R3
ApexSQL Refactor 2016 R6
ApexSQL Search 2016 R4
ApexSQL Source Control 2017 R1
ApexSQL Unit Test 2016 R5

Stand-alone tools that offer integration as add-ins

ApexSQL Developer Supported version / ETA
ApexSQL Data Diff 2016 R5
ApexSQL Decrypt 2017 R2
ApexSQL Diff 2017 R3
ApexSQL Doc 2017 R2
ApexSQL Generate 2016 R6
ApexSQL Plan 2017 R1

You can use the latest full-featured backwards compatible SQL Server Management Studio 17 for free.

May 3, 2017