SSMS 17 support for ApexSQL add-ins

ApexSQL is happy to announce Day 1 support for SSMS 17 for all of our add-ins.

Stand-alone tools that offer integration as add-ins should fully support SSMS 17 in May.

The below table shows implemented and planned integrations of ApexSQL tools/add-ins for SQL Server Management Studio 17:


ApexSQL DeveloperSupported version
ApexSQL Complete2017 R3
ApexSQL Refactor2016 R6
ApexSQL Search2016 R4
ApexSQL Source Control2017 R1
ApexSQL Unit Test2016 R5

Stand-alone tools that offer integration as add-ins

ApexSQL DeveloperSupported version / ETA
ApexSQL Data Diff2016 R5
ApexSQL Decrypt2017 R2
ApexSQL Diff2017 R3
ApexSQL Doc2017 R2
ApexSQL Generate2016 R6
ApexSQL Plan2017 R1

You can use the latest full-featured backwards compatible SQL Server Management Studio 17 for free.

May 3, 2017