What’s new in ApexSQL DBA: ApexSQL BI Monitor – Microsoft SQL Server services monitoring

November 2017 will bring a valuable contribution to a set of ApexSQL monitoring tools – ApexSQL BI Monitor. Besides being able to monitor Microsoft SQL Servers with ApexSQL Monitor and virtual environments with ApexSQL VM Monitor, you will soon be able to monitor all Microsoft SQL Server services, including analysis services, reporting services and integration services.

ApexSQL BI Monitor will be a web application, with a familiar ApexSQL Monitor web interface, that monitors system, analysis, reporting and integration services’ performance in real time. We’ve curated a set of more than 100 performance counters that will be included in the first release.

Monitor system performance

ApexSQL BI Monitor tracks the performance of multiple local and remote machines that host SQL Server services. It monitors the most important system statistics such as processor time, processor queue length, pages per second, average disk bytes per read and write, available megabytes of memory, and more. These operating system metrics provide information needed to identify and fix performance bottlenecks.

Monitor SSAS performance

ApexSQL BI Monitor tracks various SSAS performance counters, all belonging to different performance groups, such as MDX, locks, storage engine, data mining and many others. Amongst these counters, you will find information about lock waits and grants per second, current locks, total queries, total rows, current memory quota and many more.

Monitor SSRS performance

Besides tracking SSAS performance, ApexSQL BI Monitor also monitors reporting services performance by collecting counters that provide information about active sessions’ count, the total amount of reports executed, amount of report requests, total deliveries, and many others.

Monitor SSIS performance

ApexSQL BI Monitor monitors integration services’ performance, too. With ApexSQL BI Monitor, you will be able to track the number of package instances currently running, the number of BLOB bytes written to all data sources, the number of pipeline buffers in use and much more.

Additional features

Other than monitoring features, ApexSQL BI Monitor will include many other features, such as alerting, metric history, custom metrics, reporting and many more useful qualities that can help you keep your finger to the pulse of all of your BI sub-systems.

September 5, 2017