ApexSQL Enforce 2005.01.0011 – Beta update alert

A beta version of ApexSQL Enforce 2005.01.0011 has been posted.

Use the following link for downloading.

Here is known issues list:

  • Server properties get cached and their new values aren’t tracked (the application should be restarted)
  • Log traces, HTML reports and XML exports can’t be generated with CLI
  • SQL 2005 max types are incorrectly defined in OM
  • Databases from available (last used) server can be shown for unavailable one
  • Assemblies are scripted incorrectly/binary presentation should be used

Product Update Alerts will be posted on this blog. For automatic notification pls subscribe to RSS Feed.

The product will also automatically check for and notify users of new versions (as well as allow for automatic update via the application interface).

About ApexSQL
ApexSQL is a leading provider of SQL Server tools for database recovery, database auditing, database comparison, documentation as well as SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio add-ins for SQL code refactoring, code completion and database source control. We strive to ensure that every one of our tools is standard-defining product in its class, from feature set, to performance, interface and quality.

February 12, 2008