Two new tools and MySQL support

We are announcing two new tools today, ApexSQL Mask and ApexSQL Discover, as well as a whole new technology. ApexSQL Diff and ApexSQL Data Diff and ApexSQL Doc will support integration with MySQL database in our upcoming releases

New tools

ApexSQL Mask 2018
Mask data using more than 150 random generators. Overwrite already created database or create a new one. Choose between 12 types of data filters. Drag masked data for each column. Custom-made masking of XML data type columns. Apply various mask generators for every column. Use “where” statement to mask rows.

ApexSQL Discover 2018
Discover SQL Server instances in a domain. Automate discovery with predefined schedules. Monitor SQL Server statistics and health. Create reports and export results as PDF, HTML or image file

MySQL support

ApexSQL Diff 2018 R3
MySQL database schema comparison.

ApexSQL Data Diff 2018 R5
MySQL database data comparison.

ApexSQL Doc 2018 R2
MySQL database documentation

Please see What’s next for information on these tools and technology


April 16, 2018