ApexSQL Log gets non-profit robotics team back in the game

We are proud of providing help to our friends from the FIRST Robotics team (www.firstinspires.org)

These guys were at the competition against 35+ other teams. The goal of the game was to get through the defenses in front of the robots and take over the castle by getting enough boulders (grey balls) into the holes. The kids had to design/CAD their robots from scratch (that’s why they all look so different), then program them in Java, etc.  Also, they were writing software that tracks all the robots and how they do during each match in great detail.

Their team uses MS SQL Server for the scouting software the kids wrote in order to track what all of the robots are doing during their matches. Unfortunately, they experienced a problem where they lost about five hours of the data – about 25% of the event – and the data was critical to their success. 

Having tried other tools that were available, they called ApexSQL. Our guys helped with the technical issues they were facing, and they were back up and running.  

By the way, the team in Orange is from the Netherlands, the team in black next to them is from Canada and the team a little lower to the right in red is from Beijing, China – so it’s quite the group. 

As for the result – their team made it to finals. Their team was so thankful, that during the very prominent Alliance Selection Ceremony in the arena, they personally thanked Brian (ApexSQL CEO) along with their other major sponsors. 

Thanks guys – we are glad to help!

April 11, 2016