ApexSQL Mask 2019 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Mask 2019 has been released

About ApexSQL Mask: ApexSQL Mask is a tool that can automatically classify and mask sensitive SQL Server data. It has 55+ built in data classification filters and more than 220 predefined data masks. The tool can mask data at column and/or row level with automatic sensitive data classification and it can be run directly from command line interface.

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About this release:


  • High DPI and 4K resolution support
  • Supports SQL Server 2005 or higher, Azure SQL Database and Amazon RDS for SQL Server
  • Leverage 220+ pre-defined data masks
  • Automatic sensitive data classification
  • Mask data at column and/or row level
  • Overwrite the original database or create the masking script
  • View full database masking job summary
  • Utilize 55+ built in data classification filters
  • View before-and-after masked data
  • Create and edit sensitive data masks
  • Import and export masks and filters
  • Create and edit data classification filters
  • Choose from substitution or redaction masks
  • Visualize database-level data masking profile
  • Sensitive data masking
  • CLI support for executing project files [/pr]
  • Save project as automation script
  • GUI themes

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March 19, 2019