What’s new in ApexSQL: ApexSQL Doc for MySQL

We are proud to announce that ApexSQL Doc for MySQL is released. The new MySQL database documentation tool gives database developers the possibility to document multiple MySQL databases at the same time as well as the possibility of choosing which database options and database objects should be included in the documentation.

Thr tool possesses the ability to generate documentation in five very popular file formats, such as CHM, HTML, DOC, DOCX, MARKDOWN, or PDF and customize a look of every single one of them.

Working in a high 4k resolution with Light, Blue and Dark theme makes the tool more enjoyable to work with.

In the following screenshots below some of the main features will be present.

ApexSQL Doc for MySQL main window

As shown in the screenshot below, it is reminiscent of the ApexSQL Doc. This will make it significantly easier for our customers who have already worked on the ApexSQL Doc

ApexSQL Doc for MySQL main window

With a click on the Add button under the Database engine tab, the Connection window looks like:

The Connection dialog in ApexSQL Doc for MySQL

As shown in the following screenshot, on the right side all databases from the selected server will be listed:

The list of databasea from the selected server

Customizable processing

In the MySQL database documentation tool, document or ignore specific MySQL database options can be done in the Database options tab:

The Database options tab with its documentation options

In the Database objects tab, database developers can select desired object types for the documentation, along with options for those object types that will be included in the documentation:

The Database objects tab with the Object type options and Object filter tabs

Filter editor

The Filter editor feature allows users to narrow down the list of objects based on specific condition:

The Filter editor dialog under the Object filter tab

Save project as automation script

Create batch files or PowerShell scripts with all project options set in the current project with a click on the Save button from the Home tab:

Automation script window with option to save it as a batch file or PowerShell script

Multiple documentation formats

Documentation output file formats are listed under the File format tab:

Supported documentation output file formats

Custom styles

Setup documentation layout using the popular styles e.g. Modern can be done under the Style tab:

Documentation layout options under the Style tab

Personalized documentation

In the Custom text tab, customize documentation with different options for Style, Custom text, Font, etc.:

Options for customizing documentation under the Custom text tab for Output options

MySQL syntax highlighting

Display fully colorized MySQL scripts in the generated documentation:

MySQL script is fully colonized in the MySQL database documentation tool


April 22, 2020