ApexSQL Diff for MySQL 2020 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Diff for MySQL 2020 has been released

About ApexSQL Diff for MySQL: ApexSQL Diff for MySQL is a MySQL Server, Azure Database and Amazon RDS for MySQL and MariaDB comparison and synchronization tool which detects differences between database objects and resolves them without errors. It compares and synchronizes live databases, generates comprehensive reports on the detected differences and creates automation scripts for scheduling and running unattended.

For more information visit the ApexSQL Diff for MySQL product page

About this release:


  • MySQL Server 5.6 and higher support
  • MariaDB Server 10.1 and higher support
  • Azure Database for MySQL support
  • Azure Database for MariaDB support
  • Amazon RDS for MySQL support
  • Amazon RDS for MariaDB support
  • Ignore comparison options:

    • Case
    • Case in names
    • Column order
    • Constraint names

  • Synchronization options:

    • Script database name
    • Script Use for database
    • Use Drop/Create statements instead of Alter for different procedures, functions, triggers and views
    • Use Drop/Create statements instead of Alter for different tables

  • Associates columns having similar names
  • Filters object types or specific objects before the comparison
  • Exports comparison results into:

    • HTML simple report
    • HTML interactive report
    • HTML schema report
    • Excel report
    • XML schema difference export
    • Comparison summary

  • Filters compared objects with the Object filter and Difference filter panels
  • Quickly determines specific type of differences of compared objects in the Difference by type panel
  • Examines character-level differences between compared objects in the Script difference view panel
  • Includes dependent database objects in synchronization script
  • Pre-synchronization warnings and actions
  • Output actions:

    • Save synchronization script to a file
    • Open synchronization script in the Integrated editor for editing prior to execution
    • Synchronize now executes the synchronization script directly on a destination database

  • Save project as automation script
  • Command line interface
  • Plays a sound upon finished operation:

    • Comparison
    • Synchronization
    • Comparison and synchronization

  • GUI themes
  • High DPI and 4K resolution support
  • Visual Language Dictionary for Visual Studio for iconography and other imagery concepts applied
  • Application telemetry collects anonymous data on the use and performance of application and application components
  • ApexSQL Updater configures advanced updating settings of all installed ApexSQL products

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May 28, 2020